South Africa – Police Shootout – 1995

A striking policeman was killed in a shootout with other police in South Africa’s Soweto township on Friday (27/1). Police spokesman
Lt-Colonel Joseph Ngobeni said: “There was a shootout while police were arresting strikers… one policeman, a striker, was shot
dead, and one policeman, a member of the dog unit, was injured,”

Ngobeni said the incident began when about 50 strikers, members of
the Police and Prisons Civil Right Union (POPCRU), staged a sit-in
at the sprawling township’s Orlando police station.




policeman strike at Orlando police station in Soweto


march by members of police and prison civil rights union
policeman handing memorandum to regional minister of police, Jessie


cu of placard saying “we are on strike”
policewoman walking toward locked gate
policewoman refused entry
black and white policeman refused entry
black policeman waving at white colleague
policemen taking position
other policeman cuts chains around gate
ws of teargas and stun grenades being fired
strikers running away
policeman collapsing
cu of dead policeman
2 white policemen pointing gun at strikers
white policeman arresting black policeman
audio of shooting
police car arriving on scene
black striker being loaded into vehicle
2 women crying
more of arrests
various of white policemen with dogs
wounded policeman being treated by paramedics
ambulance arriving
white policemen fixing gate
crowd shouting
strikers running away
vs of white policeman shooting


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