The Truth About CBD Oil! Why You Should Use CTFO CBD

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Any decisions you make concerning your health should be made with your physician, and because so much of this research is new, not all of these anecdotal reports are currently supported by the FDA. But research continues at a blazing pace and there is no doubt that CBD will have a place in the future health of millions of people. Shouldn’t you be one?
From Wikipedia:

Evidence suggests that hemp and cannabis may have been farmed for up to 12,000 years and had many uses including the making of cloth, rope, paper, food, and medicine. However in the modern context, it was not until its introduction to American pharmacies by William Brooke O’Shaughnessy in 1839 that Cannabis extracts came into mainstream awareness as a medicine. A wide range of cannabis extracts became easily available and could be gotten from travelling doctors and salesmen, doctors, and drugstores throughout America. This ended the introduction of the Pure Food and Drug Act.┬áSimilar products were also available across Europe.

In the early decades of the 21st century, CBD is again becoming well-known for its qualities as a remedy for health problems. Its world-wide popularity is ahead of the slow process of making it legal to produce, supply, buy, and use cannabis for enjoyment in non-medical settings, and especially when it comes to CBD, which doesn’t have a psycho-active component.
There is some experience that CBD has a positive effect in managing and treating chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, anxiety disorder, depression, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, seizures, and also combined with allopathic approaches to diseases including chemotherapy and radiation therapy for treating cancer. No toxic dose for CBD is known, and there is no record from any source of a death or serious injury from CBD as of this writing.
CBD may be useful either as as treatment for a specific illness or in a smaller dose for maintenance of good health. Usually, CBD is taken by mouth as oil drops or a powder that dissolves in water, or made into a food to be eaten. Another form of CBD is used on the skin as the oil or a cream to rub in. CBD is popularly taken in the ‘vape’ method (from the word “vapor”), with the CBD is heated so it can be inhaled. This method is favoured because the effect is felt sooner than by other means. Patients who need long-lasting relief from pain or other symptoms such as nausea, may combine two methods: for example, first vape and then eat a food made with CBD.

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